Brighton Apothecary

Brighton Apothecary at the Open Market

Welcome to the website for Brighton Apothecary.  Brighton Apothecary is a shop and a herbal dispensary located in The Open Market, Brighton.  Run by a team of dedicated and professional medical herbalists  our staff are on hand to provide expert advice on health and herbal remedies. We sell herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, essential oils, dried herbs and natural skin care products.

We also offer offer free mini-consultations for simple health problems and can tailor make remedies to suit your needs.  For more complex health issues our herbalists offer a full consultation service to provide you with ongoing treatment and support.

Low-cost expert herbal advice in the community

Herbal tinctures mixed at the shop

Herbal mixes tailor-made for you

Our aim is to increase awareness of and access to herbs and herbal remedies by providing advice, personally tailored remedies following a free mini-consultation and high-quality natural health and beauty products. Strict regulations that were put into place in 2011 have severely restricted access to herbal products for the general public. However, many people are still interested in using herbs to help them stay healthy. We would like to facilitate this in a safe way by making sure people make well-informed choices.