The Consultation Service

Covid-19 Update:  We cannot currently offer this service in store for safety reasons.  Our free mini consultation is now available by booking in for a zoom consultation.  To arrange an appointment please email us at or fill in the form on the contact page

We offer a free mini consultation to provide bespoke herbal blends to suit individual needs.  There is no need to book an appointment simply drop in and ask.  The consultation takes about 5 to 10 minutes and we ask a few questions to help us formulate the best remedy for you.  This service is for simple health problems and to support general wellbeing.

It is important that we know which medications you are taking so please have that information ready when you visit.

The Remedies

Remedies are usually herbal tinctures where herbs are extracted into alcohol.  This is a convenient way to take herbs.  We also make up blends of dried herbs, or herbal tisanes, which can be brewed in a teapot just like tea.  

There is also a small range of powders, capsules and aromatic waters.  Aromatic waters are very similar to tinctures but they are distilled with only water and are alcohol free.  

Our creams and infused oils can made up into topical remedies as required.


  • Tincture blends £8 per 100ml
  • Tisane blends £3.50 per 50g
  • Capsules 10-15p each
  • Aromatic waters £7-11 per 100ml
  • Creams £4-9 per 30g
  • Infused oils £6-9 per 100ml

Some individual herbal products carry additional surcharges.

Full Consultation Service

Our Medical Herbalists also offer private consultations for more complex health issues.  They can provide you ongoing treatment and support as needed.

Book an appointment with Sarah

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Book an appointment with Jessie

To book an appointment with Jessie please call her on 07855 348287 or email her at

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